ARTIST STATEMENT


For me the process of art is like growth and relies upon openness to energy.  In my paintings  I try to offer vibrations between lower and upper, background, forground like words resonating together in poetic expressions.

I usually start my paintings with a horizon line that simultaneously unite and divide the painting with tension and energy.  The space in my paintings has been influenced by the serene prairie landscapes, however not specifically as landscapes.  I like to think that my paintings are remembered experiences of place not descriptions of specific places.  This prairie landscape where the big sky meets that endless line is a metaphor for the interaction between our inner self and the outside world.  Forming this relationship makes it easier for the colors to meet and slide into each other and paint what I feel, not what I see.

Huge landscapes can heal and can balance our minds.  My paintings are all abstractions, honouring the sacredness of that space of landscape I feel.